About Us

About  Alborz Sanat Mabna

Established in 2001 in Tehran, Iran, Alborz Sanat Mabna  has targeted the automation systems and access control networks for its marketing activities. A well-known and well-reputed Italian company, BFT, was chosen as the foreign supplier and the business started and flourished so fast.

After ten years of hard and enthusiastic work, Alborz Sanat Mabna is pleased to introduce itself as the exclusive representative of BFT,  Fitem, pilomat and Breda, all of which are Italian prestigious companies.

 During these years many great ideas became a reality, many great aims were achieved, professional technicians were trained and more than 40 domestic representatives trusted in Alborz Sanat Mabna and started to expand its activities all over the country.

Thanks to its truly active representatives, any place on Iranian territory is available for Alborz Sanat Mabna today which gives it the privilege to bring modern technologies and higher life qualities for its countrymen. Accomplishing more than 2000 of governmental and non-governmental projects is the best resume for Alborz Sanat Mabna .

Alborz Sanat Mabna’s mission

Alborz Sanat Mabna is established in order to bring new Ideas into the world it belongs to. It will welcome all new ideas and will do its best to make them true.Alborz Sanat Mabna is pleased to introduce itself as the developer of original services by means of ordinary products, Services which have not ever been offered any where in iran .

Alborz Sanat Mabna’s  vision

As science grows, technologies grow too and have to be utilized in order to make a more secure, more comfortable and safer life for human being. Whatever useful for such an aim and whoever eager to make it possible, is absolutely of a great value.